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Providing Services for Transponder Keys throughout the Winnipeg Area

Most car manufacturers use transponder keys to prevent cars from being hotwired and stolen. Without the transponder signal, your car will not start which makes your vehicle nearly impossible to steal. This is very beneficial, but transponder keys can be expensive – and what happens if you lose one? Kildonan Lock Service Ltd specializes in the replacement and repair of transponder keys in Winnipeg. So if you’re in need of a new transponder key, get in contact with us!

What Are Transponder Keys?

Transponder keys have an rf transmitter inside of them that connects with a receiver near the ignition switch of your car. Using a very low-level signal, your car detects when the key is in the switch. Without this signal, your car will not start. Transponder keys have a thicker plastic section than most other car keys. If you’re unsure whether or not your car has a transponder key, you can try wrapping the plastic part in tin foil. If the car doesn’t start then your key has a transponder.

You’ll also know if you have a transponder key if it costs a lot of money to replace it from your car dealer. Transponder keys can range from $50 to $300 to replace at the dealership. Kildonan Lock Service Ltd is proud to offer transponder keys in Winnipeg at reasonable prices.

Types of Transponder Keys

Generally, your car key will have one of two types of transponders in it – a programmed transponder or a cloned transponder.

Programmed transponders
have a code or value that was previously configured at the factory where it was made. This code can be programmed into your car’s computer by an On-Board Programming Procedure or by a diagnostic tool. With the program entered, your car’s computer will recognize the transponder signal and start the car.
Cloned transponders
have no code written on them and are designed to be used with a cloning tool that will read the information on the original key and then write that information on the transponder. This in turn creates an exact duplicate or clone of the original key that can then be used to start your car.

At Kildonan Lock Service Ltd we offer the Keyline USA variety of keys that service hundreds of different vehicle make and models.

When to Call Kildonan Lock Service Ltd

Kildonan Lock Service Ltd provides comprehensive transponder key services in Winnipeg. If you need a replacement for lost or stolen car keys, if you need an extra spare key for a new driver in the family or if your key has stopped working and you need to get it reprogrammed, contact Kildonan Lock Service Ltd. Our friendly technicians are prepared to help you with any needs you may have for your transponder keys in Winnipeg, so don’t hesitate to call. We service domestic and foreign vehicles of just about any make and model. Our staff can also answer any questions you have about transponder keys and our services, so call us today for more information. Check out our blogs for tips from our locksmiths that you can apply if locked out. With Kildonan Lock Service Ltd, keep your family and business safe.

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