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Winnipeg's Professional Commercial Locksmiths, Residential & Commercial Door Lock and Lock Repairs and to Help Keep Properties Safe

Are you looking for commercial lock repairs in Winnipeg? Kildonan Lock Service Ltd stocks a wide variety of products at different price points to handle diverse projects that range from small residential installations to large corporate and commercial contracts. We assist large companies with the smooth operation of their business by providing them with quick, efficient, and reliable locksmith services at reasonable prices. We at Kildonan Lock Service Ltd offer a range of services, including transponder keys, access control systems, and more. For over 50 years, we have been one of the most trusted locksmiths in Winnipeg and Manitoba. We also offer digital surveillance systems and security cameras to restrict unauthorized entry and exit on your premises. You can count on our commercial locksmiths in Winnipeg to provide top-notch automotive door lock and key repair services. Contact us to discuss the security requirements of your home or office in Winnipeg.

Secure Your Home Away from Home

We offer commercial lock repairs in Winnipeg to keep your business, office, factory, or retail store safe from intruders. When you need commercial locksmith services at your Winnipeg business, our professional team is ready to help you enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business is safe. Don’t risk the hard work you’ve put into your business by cutting corners and installing mediocre security products. We offer reliable door locks to fit your budget, whatever it may be, to help you protect your assets from loss or theft. When you need commercial lock repairs in Winnipeg, be sure to choose Kildonan Lock Service Ltd.

Residential and Commercial Lock Repairs in Winnipeg

Are you frustrated by a lock that won’t move no matter how much you twist or turn the key? Daily use and normal wear and tear can cause a lock to operate stiffly or cause some keys to stick or even break off inside your lock. Our experienced and knowledgeable locksmiths provide reliable residential and commercial lock repairs in Winnipeg, using specialized equipment to create a new key that inserts freely and operates smoothly every time. You can also call us to install a brand-new lock, if necessary.


Residential Services

We offer stylish and effective house lock systems that you can rely on to keep your establishment safe and secure. Our residential services also include on-site maintenance, door locks, rekeying and more. Our service is accessible to homes, condos, and apartment buildings throughout Winnipeg. You can also talk with one of our professionals in person and consult the services you require.


How Do We Repair Residential Door Locks?

Most often, your deadbolt may not need to be replaced. You may merely need to clean the one you already have. This is when you can call the professionals at Kildonan Lock Service Ltd. to clean the dirty bolts and valves and grease the area with lubricant if necessary.


We will remove any keys that have broken inside the lock without causing any damage to the hardware. Next, we will use the parts of the old key to make new keys on the spot.


Our team can also repair any damaged doorknobs or deadbolts with new ones.


The team at Kildonan Lock Service Ltd offers a full range of door lock services for homes and businesses, from key duplication and key origination to installing new locks or servicing and maintaining existing locks. No matter what security problems you might experience, we are confident our locksmiths can provide the right solution for your needs.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Our commercial lock services include installing high-security door locks, entry locks without keys, and more. High-security door locks, keyless entry locks, and other commercial lock services are available. We can install advanced keyways and industrial-grade deadbolts, as well as the latest commercial lock and hardware. Whatever your sector is, we will work with you to determine your exact security requirements and recommend the most appropriate system.


Collaboration with the Community

Kildonan Lock Service Ltd has provided professional lock repairs and installations by commercial locksmiths in Winnipeg and surrounding communities for more than half a century. We are as committed to homeowners as we are to our corporate customers. We stand behind our commitment to work in close collaboration with the community and give back to it in any way that we can. That's why we work hard to make it convenient for residential customers in the province to get timely and effective assistance. We make regular donations to local charities, including community centres, group homes, and community sports teams, just to name a few.

If you have any questions or want more information on our full range of commercial lock repairs, services and security products in Winnipeg, do not hesitate to call us today! You can also discuss your project and request a free quotation from us, and we will be happy to help you.

Our Residential & Commercial Product Catalogue

We are proud to work with and supply products from the top manufacturers in the industry. We have long-standing and successful associations with the following brands:

Adams Rite®

Security products for glass aluminum openings


Architectural hardware for superior aesthetics and quality

Corbin Russwin®

Commercial security and access control hardware

Don-Jo Mfg.

Security enforcement, retrofit and repair products for every need


Door closer and control products


Architectural hardware for superior aesthetics and quality


Affordable yet reliable residential and commercial hardware


Security and access control products for all applications


Door closer and control products


Long-lasting, versatile commercial hardware


Long-lasting, versatile residential and commercial hardware

Von Duprin®

Door controls, hardware and access control products


Many replacement parts available for classic and new styles

Yale® Locks & Hardware

Long-lasting commercial hardware

Our Testimonials

Only Go There To Get My Keys Cut

“I lived next door to them for 20 years; when I was young, I always used to lose my keys or lock myself out of my house. I would go over there and they would come over and unlock my door for me at no charge; and 20 years later, I still only go there to get my keys cut”

Bonnie D.

lock and key

Total Security Solutions

Kildonan Lock Service Ltd offers locking solutions and monitoring and surveillance products for any application.

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