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At Kildonan Lock Service Ltd, we can provide you with various choices in security products with prices ranging between $100 – $10,000. We offer many safes depending upon your specific requirements you can even get a fire-rated one or special safe with burglary alarms. We also offer padlocks as part of our wide range of residential and commercial safety products and services.  You can also choose from a range of different lock systems ranging from electronic, key, or combination locks. Our Safes in Winnipeg can also have different bolt sizes, wall thicknesses, and more. After considering your specific needs, our experts can provide you with robust and dependable safes for your home or commercial establishments.


If you are confused about which safe would be the most ideal for your needs, Contact Kildonan Lock Service for guidance on purchasing trustworthy safes in Winnipeg. We can deliver custom-made safes for your home, focusing on your unique safety needs.



Why Do You Need a Safe?

Protection: Your regular drawer isn't secure enough to keep your valuables safe. In a short time, thieves may ransack a house. We have all heard of someone losing electronics, jewelry, or important official documents due to a burglary. A security system includes an alarm that can deter many would-be criminals and alert authorities if a break-in is attempted.


Electricity management: There are a lot of digital security locks available that allow you to regulate the control of your system from any web-enabled device. This is an excellent tool for turning lights on and off while you are away to create the impression that somebody is at home. Similarly, you may switch off the connection from any of your gadgets if you fear you left anything plugged in.


Peace of mind: In addition to being secure, the assurance that you are safe will allow you to be more efficient, happy, and focused. Installing a security product in your house or office provides an added layer of protection against invaders. You can benefit from having security products whether you lease or own your property.

Finding the right safe for your needs

A Variety of Designs and Security Configurations

The three most popular types of safes available in our shop at Kildonan Lock Services Ltd are

  • The in-ground safe (designed to be installed into the foundation or floor of a home or business)
  • The wall safe (designed to be installed into a wall between the wall studs)
  • The upright chest-style or freestanding floor safe (designed to sit on the floor).

Each safe in Winnipeg has unique advantages and disadvantages. You can select the one most suited to your requirements after a careful evaluation of the pros and cons of each type of safe

Different Safes for different goals

Safes are used for a variety of purposes. In all cases, safes are used to store and secure valuables. Some of our different types of safes based on the kind of materials they are used to store are:

  • Gun safes: Used to store guns and ammunition, these safes come with a certain explosive rating level.
  • Fire safes: These safes are specially built to protect your valuables in case of fire emergencies. They are commonly used in commercial establishments and hotels.
  • Data safes: these are safes specially designed to protect your electronic devices from dust, moisture, fire and the elements.
  • Burglary safes: These safes come with inbuilt alarms and protective mechanisms.

Each type of safe comes with different levels of fire ratings, burglary ratings, tools, explosive ratings. Our experts can explain the differences between the different types of safes and guide you through buying the most suitable safe for your needs.

Padlocks and Other Security Products

A padlock is a portable lock consisting of a shackle that passes through an opening to prevent misuse, theft, vandalism or harm. At Kildonan Lock Service Ltd, we also provide you with a range of other security products and mechanisms from the most reliable brands and suppliers around the world.


When you buy from us, we provide you with complete assurance of quality and performance. You can also contact us for other lock repair services like automotive lock repairing for your vehicles. All our products are sourced directly from manufacturers. We are a value-driven business based on trust.  Kildonan Lock Service Ltd is committed to delivering a consistently high level of service to all our customers.


Browse Our Selection of Padlocks & Security Products in Winnipeg & Area

Kildonan Lock Service has over 50 years of experience offering security products in Winnipeg and areas across Manitoba. Our inventory includes padlocks, identification accessories, key cylinders, and much more, to meet the requirements of your residential or commercial property. Call us or email us to discuss available options (within city limits). We work together with manufacturers to offer great price packages to all our customers.

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