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Electronic Access Control Systems in Winnipeg

An electronic access control system offers ways to manage entry to commercial and industrial facilities. As an owner of a residential or commercial apartment, you juggle around many things to keep everyone and everything safe. You would be delighted to know that investing in the right technology can make your job a lot easier! Whether your goal is to make it easy for the residents or staff to move around the premises or to prevent unauthorized access, you can turn to Winnipeg's electronic access control system experts. 

At Kildonan Lock Service Ltd, we enable building owners to exercise total control over their facility's security aspects. From helping you choose the right access control system for your property to the installation of electronic access control systems, our certified technicians have got your back. With the help of electronic locks, you can have proper control over the movement of people. It can help you restrict any person from unauthorized entry into your building. If you are looking for access control systems in Winnipeg, look no further than us. Get in touch with us today.


Why Should You Choose an Electronic Access Control System?

It's inconvenient to use a key to open and shut the door every single time! Not to mention how easy it is for the thieves to duplicate your keys. However, in the case of electronic access systems, the access code is integrated into your access card or fob, making it hard to replicate. Anyone who holds the access card can get in and out with just a swipe, which takes less time than snapping one's fingers! A typical electronic access control system uses cards and fobs , but it can also use biometrics depending on the criticality. Feel free to get in touch with Winnipeg's electronic access control system experts for all your queries.


Access control systems in Winnipeg can help you keep a tab on the visitors and employees. Therefore, you do not need to be physically present to monitor your residential and commercial properties.


Electronic access control systems help you bring more accountability and hence deterrence against theft. In case of an intrusion, it's easier to proceed with further investigation, especially when you know the access card that was used for the crime.


Benefits of Access Control Systems

The benefits of access control are not very difficult to recognize and certainly cannot go unnoticed. Having a full-fledged system throughout your property will ensure security and protect your employees, information, equipment, and other assets without question. Some of the advantages of electronic access control systems are:

  • Monitor the entries and exits

    Your property might have valuable assets and equipment, so it is essential to make sure no one breaks in without permission. Through an access control system, you can keep track of who goes in and out of your property.

  • Keeping track of employees

    It simplifies the task of organizing large groups of people in a building and ensures discipline enforcement. You can easily monitor the login and log-out details of each of your employees.

  • Complete control of access

    You can grant additional access or restrict the existing one as per your discretion. The complete control of access to your facility is in your hands. 

  • No worries about the key

    It is easier to manage the lost-card or fob situation as you can disable the access at any time. You no longer need to worry about the lost key and the expenses incurred in making a new one or the potential threat to security.


Selecting the Right Access Control Systems

Electronic access control systems offer a very convenient way to control access to your premises. You can easily keep track of people moving in and out of your space and only grant access permission to authorized personnel. With a proper security system in place, you can use keycards, fobs, biometric scanners, or other devices to grant or deny access to specific places on the premises. Every time someone accesses the area, the system records an entry. 


You must be already aware of the Winnipeg property that you need an access control system for, but do you know which would be most appropriate for your premises? Investing in the right technology will make your job much more comfortable as the owner of a facility. There are different types of access control catering to various functional requirements. You need to consider the systems' architectural and management features to make the right decision. Here are the available options that you can choose from:


Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

It is the most restrictive option, primarily used by the military and other government entities. The system administrator creates the settings to firmly control access to all the doors through the operating system. MAC restricts any user to change the access permissions that grant or deny entry throughout the facility.


Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

DAC is the least restrictive among all access control systems. It is more flexible than MAC because business owners have the authority to determine access to various areas on the premises. It is commonly used in office buildings to verify identity for access through passwords or other sensitive data for authentication and authorization.


Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

It is a more restrictive system than DAC and allows entry to only the persons in selective roles who hold the access. RBAC enables you to assign permissions to several job-titles easily and is ideal for more sensitive areas. There is no doubt this system has a high demand in households and the most sought-after choice in the business world.


Rule-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Not to be confused with the Role-Based Access Control. The Rule-Based Access Control is different from Role-Based Access Control as it is an extension of the DAC. It goes one step ahead by focusing on specific restrictive parameters, such as allowing access only from certain IP addresses or at certain times of the day or days of the week.


Kildonan Lock Service Ltd offers reliable services to install any access control system in your Winnipeg building. If you are looking for an experienced and trusted service provider for quality security solutions, we are here for you. Do not hesitate to contact us for any queries. 


Why Choose Us

We are one of the trusted locksmiths in Winnipeg, and you can count on us in case of any emergency. For over 50 years, we have been providing quality products and services to our customers. We carry a wide range of products, including transponder keys, padlocks and safes, as well as high security locking systems. We also provide automotive lock and key repair services to you.


Your role as the owner of a residential or commercial building may seem easy when everything is going as planned. But no one promised you an easy life! Things can change and very often they do. In the event of such emergencies, electronic access control systems can come handy. We install state-of-the-art access control systems that offer reliable functioning even during such testing times.


We offer 24-hour emergency lockout services. Come discuss your needs with our licensed technicians today. Whether it is upgrades, service or integration to an existing system or a brand new design and installation, we can accommodate all. You can also take comfort with our 2 in-house provincially certified electrical technicians.


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