Mechanical & Electronic Locking and Security Systems in Winnipeg

Kildonan Lock Service Ltd has a long-standing history in the Winnipeg area, using up-to-date technologies and equipment to supply residential and commercial customers with a large variety of products for their security needs. We have been around for more than 50 years, as a result of which we have a large stock of timeless products, as well as high-quality parts for repair and replacement jobs.

Working Together with Manufacturers

We pride ourselves on maintaining good supplier-manufacturer relationships, and we work collaboratively with manufacturers to put together cost-effective packages for our customers. Contact us for sales and service of all types of security hardware, mechanical and electronic locking systems in Winnipeg. Our knowledgeable staff offers great prices to suit all levels of investment.

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Our product selection includes:

In over 95% of cases, we are able to provide replacement transponder keys cloned from your original at a competitive price and with a quick turnaround. Please inquire as many original manufacturer products are available through us. Whether you have lost your keys, need a new spare transponder key, we're just a call away to get them quickly at reasonable prices.

Representing a large number of manufacturers, we have access control solutions for many different budgets, including card and fob, pin or biometric access. At Kildonan Lock Services Ltd, we also service and replace components on existing systems and provide access control credentials to customers with new and old systems. Our electronic access security systems can help you monitor employees' in and out time in offices as well as prevent thieves from entering your house, making it a safe haven.

We have multiple versions of restricted and high-security locking systems available to accommodate almost any budget. Whether you want restricted keys that cannot be duplicated or a locking system that cannot be bypassed through normal means, we have an option for you.

We carry a large selection of replacement hardware in multiple grades, representing a large number of hardware manufacturers. Our branded range of padlocks and security products is extremely durable and tough. Depending upon your needs, we offer budget as well as high-end locksets.

Security & Repair Products

If you want an upgrade to your current security-related hardware or need to repair previous damage, we have multiple solutions to assist your needs. We carry a large stock of door wraps, strike plates, hinge repair products, door closers and door jamb repair products.

We provide safes in any classification. From a small dormitory safe or fire safe to a high-security vault—we can provide units to meet any insurance requirement. We also service and change combinations on existing safes from almost any manufacturer, and can provide opening services in some of the worst cases.

Our surveillance cameras are specially designed and strategically installed video cameras used to monitor and observe an area. At Kildonan Lock Services Ltd, we offer surveillance cameras connected to a recording device or an IP network on the back end. Our affordable surveillance cameras drastically reduced the footage's weight by using motion sensors technology to activate the cameras.

Our complete hotel security systems at Kildonan Lock Services Ltd include security and automation systems such as intrusion alarms, video surveillance systems, access control, and business automation systems to protect hotel assets and make the security surveillance process streamlined. With our high-end security systems in Winnipeg, you can do so much more than merely record the activities, including fire safety and intrusion alarms.

Emergency Services

Our security systems in Winnipeg can perform essential emergency functions such as activating alarms, sending notifications on your mobile and intimating the local law enforcement agencies. We offer tailored emergency security systems that alarm medical institutions or your loved ones, particularly useful for older people dealing with critical health issues.


How Our Security Systems Cater to Emergency Needs

Modern CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras can use machine-learning to identify different scenarios and act on them. Our security camera systems in a nursing home can identify when a person falls and call for help. Similarly, security cameras can be used to identify approaching vehicles and visitors and to launch a welcome protocol to guarantee your customers enjoy a smooth and risk-free visit.

CCTV monitoring can also improve the safety of both the property and the people working on the premises. Installing security cameras or even signs that warn about the cameras helps prevent vandalism and burglary. Installing CCTV cameras in the right places ensures that employees are not left alone when performing potentially dangerous tasks.

At Kildonan Lock Services Ltd, we can also set up the CCTV to send an alarm if people are not using the correct safety equipment such as helmets, vests, protective glasses, etc. on construction sites, industrial plants, platforms or other areas where safety equipment is required. Call us to learn more about our reliable and comprehensive security systems in Winnipeg.



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At Kildonan Lock Service Ltd, we can provide you with a range of high-quality security systems in Winnipeg, to help you safeguard and secure your property and loved ones.

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