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The Best Commercial Door Locks for a Safer Business

Red door with a proper door lock for a commercial business.

Your business is more than just an office where you do work. It's your home away from home and the core of your being. You've invested your life and possibly life savings into it. It only makes sense that you would only install the best commercial door locks to keep your pride and joy safe. Current news is telling us, after all, that thieves are becoming brazen and bold. They're willing to tackle just about any lock. So how do you know which door lock works best for a commercial business? You'll quickly discover all kinds of options for door locks for business. Keep reading to learn about the qualities of excellent door locks for commercial businesses.

Qualities of Commercial Door Locks

All good commercial door locks carry similar traits. They keep would-be thieves out, and they're not impossible to operate. Each one will also fit your particular operational needs. When you evaluate a commercial door lock, look at lock rating, durability, convenience, and functionality for your business. Lock Rating All door locks have a rating of 1 to 3 based on their performance. The lower the number, the more secure the product. Your commercial lock should have at least a 2 rating, if not a 1. Durability and Convenience Your lock should be easy for you to open and yet durable enough to withstand someone else attempting to break in. Look at customer reviews to ensure you buy a durable and convenient lock. Property and Business Size You need to pick the lock system that works well for you and your business. For example, do not choose a keyed lock if you have a building with multiple employees. Instead, look into a commercial keyless door lock. If your current commercial door lock does not work for your business, it's time to change your door lock.

Commercial Door Locks

These commercial and deadbolt locks rank high among customers. They offer excellent protection and convenience. As stated earlier, pick the best lock for your business and work community.

  • Schlage FE595VCAM/ACC 716 Level Electronic Keypad: this lock has a thumb-turn keypad combination

  • Schlage BE365 Keypad Deadbolt Plymouth: this includes an electronic deadbolt and built-in keypad

  • Best Access Systems 9K37ABDS3 Heavy Duty Interchangeable Core Entry Lever: this has an interchangeable core that makes the lock easy to change should you need a new lock

Such commercial door locks will keep out would-be thieves while allowing employees in. Deadbolts While some businesses do not qualify deadbolt locks as commercial locks, they still function well for the primary business. They do not typically have the tech and mechanical features of the previously stated commercial locks. When you get a deadbolt lock, look for one set into the door frame, like these are. After all, a deadbolt is only as strong as the strike plate it sets in.

  • Schlage L9040: this mortise lock is set directly into the door frame, making it difficult to kick in

  • Samsung SHS-P718-LMK Biometric Lock: this has both the mortise lock and intelligent lock combination, making it extra secure

Whatever commercial lock you choose, make sure it works best for your business. You want a lock that keeps out unwanted intruders but easily allows you and your employees into your business. Secure and Safe With the right commercial door locks, you can rest easy, knowing that your business is secure and safe. Make sure to hire only the best locksmiths to install the door locks. You can have great locks, but without proper installation, they're just another piece of hardware. Do you need some lock work done? If so, contact Kildonan Lock Service Ltd. We've been in the locksmithing business for over 50 years, providing our customers with top-notch service. Each commercial door locksmith in Winnipeg that we employ will provide around-the-clock emergency services using the most up-to-date technology for our clients. Contact Kildonan Lock Service Ltd. today and let us serve you. 




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