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How To Rebuild Your Office Security After A Break-In?

Surveillance camera

Are you managing a physical retail store? Are you reeling from a recent break-in? Then one of the first things you need to focus on as you rebuild your business is an office security system. There was an increase in thefts in retailers during the early months of the pandemic. The victims were mainly businesses that remained open amid the global health situation. Thus, finding the best locks and surveillance cameras Winnipeg offers is a must. However, you must first take it one step at a time. Please continue reading below as we guide you in rebuilding your business after an office break-in.

Assess the Damages

The first thing you should do after a break-in is to assess the damages in your office. If there are items that need some repairing, do so ASAP. Generally, it is the doors and windows that are the casualties. Also, spot other signs that may point to tampering with your locks. This can be tricky for the untrained eye. Thus, it is best to hire a security assessment by a specialist.

Revisit Your Security Plan

The next step is to revisit your current office security plan. If thieves successfully entered your office, it means there are potential loopholes in your security plan. Thus, you need to identify these loopholes. Consult with a security expert on how you can improve on these weaknesses. Moreover, reiterate your policies with everyone in your company. Make sure that all your employees are on the same page in terms of office security policies. Your goal is to make everyone abide by the company's security policies.

Fortify Your Doors and Windows

Apart from investing in a safe for your valuables, it would be best if you beefed up your doors and windows. As we mentioned earlier, these are the most common entry points of thieves. Thus, consider fortifying your doors with high-quality locks. As for your windows, invest in fortified glass. Make sure your windows come with individual window locks. Additionally, you can add some sensors to each window. These will alert you through an alarm in case anyone tries to break in.

Invest in Surveillance Cameras

Though the pandemic generally reduced the general country's crime rate, you cannot be complacent, especially after a break-in. Thus, you need to invest in the best surveillance cameras Winnipeg has to offer. A reliable security camera offers many benefits. For starters, it can help deter thieves from breaking in. It can also keep vandals at bay. Moreover, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can monitor what's happening around your shop even after business hours. These surveillance cameras capture and record videos, especially at night. A reliable security camera can keep you a step or two ahead of thieves and burglars.

Invest in the Best Locks and Surveillance Cameras Winnipeg Has to Offer

Now that you know how to rebuild your office security, you can improve your building's weak points. You can strengthen your entry points and boost your monitoring 24/7. However, it can only happen if you invest in dependable security products. Connect with Kildonan Lock Service and check out our extensive lineup of surveillance cameras Winnipeg offers and other commercial security products. You can request a free quote and start securing your business today!


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