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Five Common Door Lock Problems That Should Not Be Ignored

Door necessitating Lock repairs

These days high-tech security systems with motion sensors, alarms and security cameras provide enhanced security to residential and commercial properties. But a strong door that doesn’t lock the right way will render these technologies pretty useless. This makes door locks the most important security feature in any building. Kildonan Lock Service Ltd. provides high-quality locking systems and related locksmith services. We’ve curated a list of common door lock problems below.

  • Loose locks Locks are mechanical fixtures consisting of many moving parts. The failure of any of these parts will result in the failure of the whole locking system. Over time, as with any mechanical unit, the moving parts tend to loosen up. If left unchecked, loose locks will eventually fail to lock as they should. Loose locks are a liability even before they stop functioning because they are easier to pick.

  • Misaligned locks or strike plates Locks are designed to be precise instruments. Even a slight misalignment in the lock fixtures will result in its failure to lock correctly. A newly installed lock should not produce any resistance while locking. As seasons change, the fluctuation in heat warps the door and door frame and any pre-existing misalignment can worsen; over time this cycle will result in lock failure.

  • Broken key in lock Repeated pressure on the key when locking or unlocking weakens it at the shoulder. When a lock is misaligned or there is an issue with its moving parts causing resistance, there is increased strain on the key and it subsequently ends up breaking inside the lock. In this situation, we advise you to contact a professional locksmith for lock repair instead of trying to fix the problem yourself, which might cause damage to the lock.

  • Loose lock cylinder Although turning is usually a good sign in locks, the last thing that should turn is the lock cylinder. A loose cylinder is unreliable because it does not provide the resistance and position needed for the key to turn the inner lock levers. In this situation the lock needs to be disassembled to access and tighten the set screw which holds the cylinder in place. Complex locks would hinder the quick repairs necessary for this issue, which is why lock replacement is usually offered as an alternative solution to lock repair.

  • Jammed locks and latches Locks can get jammed due to a number of reasons; the most common being debris build up inside the lock. Forcing a jammed lock might end up causing more damage to the lock and also break the key. If lubrication doesn’t relieve the jam, a professional locksmith is required to assess and address the issues.

Most of these problems can be identified as they build up and with active measures, you can avoid ending up in a BIND. Do not ignore loose locks or lock resistance. Replace old twisted keys before they break. Kildonan Lock Service Ltd. has 50 years of expertise in building security systems. We offer electronic locking options, access control systems, security cameras and all related services across Manitoba. Contact us today for lock repair services. Continue reading on our blog to learn more about building security.

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