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Electronic vs Mechanical Deadbolts: Which One Is Right for Your Business?

Wooden door with a mechanical deadbolt

Nothing secures a door like deadbolts. But how do you know if you need one? Furthermore, should you have a mechanical deadbolt or an electronic deadbolt?

They both secure doors, but their differences lie in their mechanism.

Keep reading to learn about the difference between mechanical vs. electronic deadbolts and which will best secure doors at your business.

Mechanical Deadbolt Pros and Cons

You can operate a mechanical deadbolt entirely without batteries or electricity. Mechanical locks have existed for centuries. Thus, they're the classic solution for security needs.


Mechanical deadbolts are the most reliable, time-tested solution for deadbolts on the market. You rarely accidentally engage a mechanical deadbolt.

Furthermore, deadbolts have durability in their favour. They tend to last for a long time before they need repairs. They can withstand the weather easily as well.

Additionally, mechanical deadbolts have a good learning curve. Just about any employee can understand how to operate a mechanical deadbolt; it also requires no electrical power.

Rarely will you find yourself calling an emergency locksmith to disable your mechanical deadbolt.


On the downside, mechanical deadbolts have existed for centuries, so they might not be up to date with modern security needs. You will need professional help if the device malfunction.

Additionally, a person needs just a key to open the mechanical deadbolt. They can easily duplicate the necessary key, and suddenly, your mechanical deadbolt isn't so secure.

If you lose your key, you'll have to pay a locksmith to replace the lock completely.

Electronic Deadbolts Pros and Cons

Electronic locks function solely with an electric current. The electronic deadbolt thus engages when an electric current tells it to. Here are the pros and cons of an electronic deadbolt.


An electronic deadbolt adds an extra layer of security on top of other standard mechanical locks. You can access the lock easily if you have the correct key fob or access code. You can even access the lock in the dark.

Additionally, not all people understand electronic deadbolts. You will have an extra layer of security simply because the general public doesn't easily understand this mechanism.

Furthermore, the electronic stands up to the test of time because it resists weather. You can easily change the combinations if you feel the old combination has been compromised.


On the downside, your lock loses its function if you ever lose power. The lock will remain engaged or disengaged, depending on its state when the power goes out. You could find yourself locked in or out of your business until the power returns.

Additionally, you may need to change your battery routinely to ensure the lock continues functioning. You may also need to train your employees on how to operate the deadbolt.

While electronic deadbolts and locks come with amenities like surveillance kits, you will need a professional to assist you if these devices malfunction.

Lock Up With the Right Lock

Both mechanical and electronic deadbolts have their uses and places. Electronic deadbolts work well when you have multiple employees but don't want to make multiple keys.

If you appreciate the security of having a single key for a single lock, you should go old school and install a mechanical lock.

Do you have some lock work that needs to be done? If so, contact us. We have served customers for over 50 years, caring for our community's around-the-clock lock needs.

Contact us, and let us help you with your next lock.

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