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Access Control Systems in Winnipeg: Which Is Best for Your Business?

Card accessing a door with an access control system implemented.

No matter how big or small your company is, security is always a top concern of business owners. What is the best way to maintain secure facilities? More business owners are turning to access control to keep unauthorized visitors out.

Access control can limit guest access, but it can also be used to keep employees out of certain areas of your facility.

There are many different options on the market for access control systems in Winnipeg. It can be challenging to determine which solution is best for your business. Read on to learn more about access control and find the right fit for your company's needs.

How Does an Access Control System Work?

Access control systems use a series of devices to control employee access and ensure secure guest access to your facility. Employees are assigned a level of security and are given access to areas that are needed to perform their job. Other areas of the facility may be restricted to employees that don't need access.

Access control systems usually have centralized control, and employees are given some credentials. Key cards, key fobs, and fingerprints are often used as credentials.

Types of Access Control Systems

There are different types of access control systems that you may consider based on your business's needs. Below are the most common types of access control systems.

Discretionary Access Control

This type of access control allows business owners to control access and permissions for all users. A list of authorized users is created to grant access to a given area. When an employee uses their credentials to enter, the system checks the authorization list and either grants or denies access.

Discretionary access control systems are popular because they are flexible and easy to use. This type of system is an excellent solution for small businesses.

Managed Access Control

This type of access control uses remote servers managed by a trained security professional. Doors can be locked and unlocked using a remote access control system. This is a great solution for business owners that aren't always physically present at the facility.

Mandatory Access Control

This type of access control is the most secure type of system. A system administrator controls the settings, which can't be changed without their permission.

The government or other large organizations often use mandatory access control systems. While this type of system is the most secure, it doesn't offer much flexibility and is not ideal for small businesses.

Where to Find Access Control Systems in Winnipeg

Kildonan Lock Service Ltd. has been serving Winnipeg for over 50 years. Their certified technicians will help you choose the right system for your property and install your access control system.

If you're looking for access control systems in Winnipeg, look no further than Kildonan Lock Service Ltd. Get in touch with them today to learn more about their products and services.

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