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5 Tips for an Effective Security System for Your Business

Woman using her security system in her business premises

For any business, security is vital. Premises being robbed, ransacked, or otherwise damaged is the worst nightmare of any business owner. In Canada, robbery remains an ongoing issue that in recent years has been on the rise.

Many of the robberies that are committed each day could have been prevented by the presence of a robust security system. Kildonan Lock Service is proud to sell some of the best security systems Winnipeg has to offer. Read on for our five tips on how to upgrade or improve your security system and prevent your business from being the victim of unwanted visitors.

1. Employee Training Is Necessary

Even with the best and most high-tech office security system installed, there's still room for human error. Often, the smallest mistakes can lead to the costliest break-ins. This is why your employees must receive proper security training. Make sure you educate your employees about both cybersecurity and security protocols, so they know what to do if an alarm goes off, they don't accidentally leave any entryways open, and they're aware of any access codes you may have.

2. Surveillance: Where and What

Surveillance is a big part of any security system. It not only acts as a deterrent for would-be thieves, but it is also capable of catching suspicious characters hanging around your business on camera so that they can be identified at a later date if needs be. But just having cameras isn't enough. They must capture high-quality video, be in the right place and point in the right direction. Have cameras capturing what's going on both inside and outside your business, and not only at the entry points but along the perimeter as well.

3. Check Locks When Moving to a New Premises

If you've recently moved your business to a new location, you must change all existing locks right away. Many business owners don't think of this, but with an old lock system, there's no telling who might have a copy of your key. Even if you haven't recently moved, it may be time to change your locks anyway. Most locksmiths recommend you change your locks every seven to ten years, so if you've had any locks longer than this time frame, you should have a professional look at them.

4. Be Smart About Access Control

Speaking of keys and locks, they may be perfectly fine for interior doors, but for your building's main entryways, you'll probably want something a little more secure. Access control systems offer the technology to allow you to have customized control of exactly who is entering and exiting your building. Give yourself peace of mind and greater power over your building's safety by installing access control systems today.

5. Security Is an Investment

Every business needs a security budget, but it's up to you to decide what yours will be. Of course, security systems can be expensive, but there's a reason for this. They protect you, your building, and everything contained inside—from expensive equipment to sensitive documents. A little investment now will be worth it to prevent you from a robbery or break-in down the road.

Kildonan Lock Service: Security Systems Winnipeg

Kildonan Lock Service offers some of the best expertise in security systems Winnipeg has to offer. If you'd like to make your business more secure and give yourself the peace of mind of knowing you're safe from break-ins, give us a call today and see what we can do for you.


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