5 Tips to Hire a Professional Locksmith Service

5 Tips to Hire a Professional Locksmith Service

You come home after a long day at work and reach into your pocket. Your hand only comes out with lint, so you check the other pocket and fumble through your bags. Unable to get inside, you slowly calm down and then make a call to your neighbourhood locksmith.

Locksmiths can be very helpful in these unfortunate situations, but they can also perform services like installing security cameras or replacing building locks.

Finding a good and professional locksmith can pay off in the short term and long term; but it can also be a daunting process, even if you're not locked out of your apartment!

Please continue reading to learn about how to find the professional locksmith you need for your home or business!


1. Check Their Experience

Before hiring a locksmith, you should research their reviews, BBB rating, and years of experience. Even if you're in a jam, doing a quick online search can save you a massive headache and potentially a massive bill!

New businesses don't always mean bad service, but it's often not worth the risk when you can go for a company like Kildonan Lock Service. We have over 50 years of experience, an A + BBB rating, and are in good standing with the Manitoba Locksmith Association.

To open a strong lock, pick a quick opener from Kildonan Lock to get inside fast!

2. Make Sure They Have the Right Skillset

Whether you need a professional automotive locksmith or a general one, ask if they have the right expertise for the job before scheduling a visit.

Make sure they know how to do the work for your type of car or that they offer emergency services before contracting them for your company. Most reputable locksmiths will also offer a free quote before committing to a project to make sure they themselves have the right skills. If they don't, you should look elsewhere for a more honest company!

3. Hire a Local or Small Locksmith Business

Many Canadians would agree that supporting small businesses is supporting their own community. Local locksmiths are no exception, especially since they are more likely, to be honest, or be more familiar with the service area than other corporate locksmiths.

Being based within the service area will also increase response time and allow for better consultations on the type of security you need to be protected in your area.

4. Check Their Customer Service

The locksmith company can be the best of the best, but if their interpersonal skills are lacking, it's not worth the trouble.

If you're looking to book a non-urgent service, you should evaluate their attitude and attentiveness in emails, calls, and in-person visits. Even if it's a small job like replacing a key fob, you deserve the best service!

5. Be Vigilant for Fraud

Unfortunately, fraudulent and cunning locksmiths do exist, and the result is a loss of time and money.

The best tips to avoid fraud are to check for insurance, ask to see identification and check their business information. They should have up-to-date licenses and a physical headquarters. They should also have a professional locksmith kit beyond a hammer and a screwdriver!

The Best Professional Locksmith in Winnipeg

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