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Repairs & Replacements for Car Locks in Winnipeg and Surrounding Areas

Your vehicle is a big investment and possibly one of your most prized possessions. At Kildonan Lock Service Ltd, we're committed to helping you ensure its safety with durable car lock products and keys from trusted manufacturers.

We’ve all been there. It’s either the hottest afternoon of summer or the coldest morning this winter so far and we’re locked outside our car. For some people, the first impulse is to search for quick and easy DIY fixes, but expert locksmiths warn that these tips can put your car’s door, window and lock mechanisms at risk. Don’t hope for the best—stay safe and secure by choosing Kildonan Lock Service Ltd for all your car lock replacements in Winnipeg and the surrounding area. We offer a full inventory of well-made automotive products to drivers across the region, and our highly skilled and trained lock technicians provide dependable repairs at all hours. If you’re in need of new car locks or keys in Winnipeg, call us. We also offer transponder keys anywhere in Manitoba.

We offer a full inventory of well-made automotive products to drivers across the region, and our highly skilled and trained lock technicians provide dependable repairs at all hours.

Car Lock Replacements Made Easy

When you choose Kildonan Lock Service Ltd for tried and true car lock replacements across Winnipeg, you can rest assured that a trusted team of industry pros is on the way. Our goal is to get you back on the road quickly without shortcutting your car’s safety. Whether you need a lock repair or total lock replacement for your vehicle, Kildonan Lock Service Ltd promises superior service from start to finish. Signs that you need a car lock replacement include:

Your key just doesn’t seem to turn in the lock anymore, or worse yet, it gets stuck.
Over time, your key is subject to wear-and-tear just like anything else. The striations along your key could eventually wear down, causing your key to getting stuck in the car door lock cylinder or making it unable to fit inside the cylinder any longer. You may end up breaking your key off in the lock, forcing you to call a locksmith for emergency lockout service. It’s better to invest in the car lock replacement long before that happens!
You’ve lost your keys.
Depending upon the circumstances involved, it might be a good idea to replace your car door lock cylinder in order to prevent auto theft if you’re uncertain where you lost your keys or who might have seen you drop them and/or picked them up. Get peace of mind with a car lock replacement.
You’ve already replaced the ignition cylinder; you might as well replace the car door lock cylinder too.
If you’ve recently replaced your ignition cylinder, your mechanic probably gave you two sets of keys (one for your ignition and one for your car doors). This can lead to confusion and inconveniences down the road, especially if you rely upon your car key remote to open your car doors instead of the key and eventually lose or damage the remote. Skip the headache and talk to us about replacing the car door lock cylinder too. We’d be more than happy to discuss your available options!

Automotive Lock and Key Repairs

The locks on your vehicles are more secure than ever, but that also makes solving problems with car keys and locks more complex. When you want assurance that your car key is laser cut perfectly or your transponder key is accurately reprogrammed, the certified locksmiths of Kildonan Lock Service Ltd offer security, convenience and savings. Before you pay higher prices at a car dealership, we invite you to visit us first for affordable keys and automotive lock services. You can also depend on a quick response when you call us for services for your car locks in Winnipeg and Manitoba.

Our trained professionals provide automotive lock and key services that include:

Stuck key removal from locks and ignitions
Key cutting
Break-in repair for locks
Transponder key reprogramming and replacement
Laser key cutting
Frozen lock services

Automotive Locksmith Services:

Come visit us to discuss options for any make or model of vehicle. We have over 50 years in the automotive locksmith industry and have some of the most advanced equipment in-house with one of the largest key catalogues available.

We are proud to offer our clients products from a large variety of handpicked aftermarket manufacturers, as well as direct OEM replacement products. All products have been researched and tested by our professionals for quality and performance, so you know there is no chance of receiving a subpar product. Our catalogue is ever-expanding so continue to check back or leave your information with us for future updates.

Also, feel free to bring down your own products, we are happy just to provide the service and leave you knowing your products are being handled by a trained professional using the most up-to-date equipment.

Services Provided:

Vehicle lock repair and replacement
Worn/broken key services
Automotive remote sales and programming
Automotive transponder key sales and programming
Battery replacements
OBD diagnostic services
Vintage automotive locks and keys

Working Together with Manufacturers

All automotive manufacturers

Keyline USA

Transponder keys


Automotive lock products and keys

Blue Rocket

Blue Rocket



For more information on our automotive lock services, contact Kildonan Lock Service Ltd today.

Our Testimonials

Friendly and Trained

“First off they made every attempt to get my key working in my truck without costing me anything! And then they quickly fit me in and started working on it right away! They're friendly and trained! Go here for sure.”

Drake L.

door lock

Commercial Access Control

Our team offers advanced access control systems for a modern way of commercial access and monitoring the growth in customer visits at your physical store.

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